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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fletcher: Lies, all lies against me!

Michael_fletcher_09292005_ocgmukoBy Greg Reeves
Kansas City lawyer Michael Fletcher (left) is mad as heck at the lawyers and judges who got him suspended last week from practicing in federal court.
He's so mad he sued them this week in Jackson County Circuit Court for libel, slander, mental distress, etc.
Fletcher was suspended for three years because of allegedly race-baiting witnesses and other offensive behavior in court.
The suspension puts him in a world of hurt, because he has a history of winning big judgements in race-related lawsuits, and most such cases are in federal court.
The story today by incredibly well-informed and careful Star reporter Dan Margolies gives these details:

  • Fletcher attracted scrutiny for abusive litigation tactics, including race-baiting witnesses and epithet-strewn tirades against opposing counsel.
  • Four judges found Fletcher’s allegations (in one case) to be inaccurate, misleading, impertinent, inflammatory or scandalous.
  • Fletcher allegedly tried to stiff a cabbie for a $40.58 fare in 2002 and ended up calling a Kansas City police officer "Jew boy" 21 times - on videotape. He later apologized.

Margolies writes: "Former Kansas City Municipal Judge Deborah A. Neal dismissed a theft charge against Fletcher over the cab incident. Neal in May pleaded guilty to a mail fraud charge and is awaiting sentencing."


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