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Monday, September 19, 2005

MHP troopers send Katrina pix

By Greg Reeves
The Missouri Highway Patrol, which sent a contingent of 50 troopers and six radio specialists to Biloxi, Miss., for flood relief, has posted a series of photos showing the destructive power of Hurricane Katrina.

Last week we passed along the picture of the patrol's living quarters in the flood-relief area, as well as the troopers' checkpoint encounters with a couple of celebrities. The patrol contingent got back to Missouri on Saturday.

Here are a couple of the patrol's pix. Click on photos for larger image.                              

MHP captioDamagedhousened this photo, "Obviously the owners of this property mean business when it comes to looters. The spray painted message "You Loot, We Shoot" is a warning to anybody who thinks looting is acceptable. Our officers have indicated looting is not widespread and that most of the people they have encountered have been gracious and a pleasure to be around."

Hurricanedamage_1Troopers wrote, "This neighborhood was toally wiped out by the winds and the storm surge."


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