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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane relief, Platte County-style

Jason_brown_mo_state_rep_mem030By Greg Reeves
State Rep. Jason Brown of Platte City (left) didn't organize a flood-relief caravan to get his picture in the paper or anywhere else, he tells Crime Scene KC. But it was the media that got him started.
"On TV, the media, officials, local, state, federal, kept pointing the finger back and forth," Brown says. "It just struck a chord with me, that’s not solving aParkville_mayor_kathryn_dusenbery_march_nything or helping anybody."
So he got in touch with Parkville Mayor Kathy Dusenbery (right), and together they organized three semi-trailers of relief supplies, a Bobcat with a bucket and set of forks, and headed down to Ocean Springs, Miss., - Parkville's sister city.
Brown has two messages from his trip:

  • Put supplies on pallets and shrink-wrap them. Unloading a semi in three hours with a Bobcat beats 100 exhausted volunteers working all day carrying stuff out by the handful.
  • Blame-gaming "doesn't exist anywhere outside of New Orleans. Everywhere we were in Mississippi, people were courteous, helpful and genuinely thankful."

Links: Trip report and thank-you from Dusenbery and Brown
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