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Friday, September 30, 2005

Top tattoos of Missouri prison inmates - Part II

38931337thefinisheddesignBy Greg Reeves
Our post nine days ago about the most popular tattoos of Missouri prison inmates has been bouncing around the blogosphere, even though Crime Scene KC hasn't been advertised to anyone yet.
We've made the Chicago Sun-Times, something called einnews, this blog and our favorite, stumbleupon.com. The post also drew 13 comments. A sample:

  • "Cross, rose and heart are 1-2-3... I think that's sweet."
  • "What a stupid ass survey.  How is this information important at all?  I guess if I ever went to prison, I would know what all the "popular" tattoos were in order to fit in.  Oh and "bunny"???  BUNNY?  Who the hell did this survey? A woman?"
  • "I have a feeling that "BUNNY" means playboy bunny. Its a very popular tattoo among the ladies. Note that they did not specify gender, these are stats from all inmates; male and female."
  • "There is an ongoing study in Russia regarding prison tatooing and it's meaning in the criminal underworld. It is much more like Yakuza tattooing in that it specifically identifies the criminal as such. I am guessing this is not the case here in the states? Unless Unicorns are specifically from women's prisons..."
  • "Tears = # of tears correlates with number of people tattoo-ee has killed."

This tells us Missouri prison inmate tattoos are a matter of great public interest - or at least curiosity - so we plan to draw more from the 68,430 different tattoos in our Missouri inmate database.


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