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Monday, October 24, 2005

Anatomy of a KCK drive-by: 1

Kckpd_patch_2Carrera_sandy_2By Greg Reeves
Police have a term for situations in which everyone is simultaneously a victim and a suspect – cluster.
That’s actually an abbreviation, but you get the point.
Police officer Sandy Carrera (right) and I rolled up on the scene of a reported drive-by shooting on North 27th Friday evening in Kansas City, Kan.
A woman in a red tank top comes running out the front door, near hysterics:
“I’ve got little bitty babies in there!”, she says. She names three youths who she says drove past their house firing guns.
“They started shooting and we turned off the lights and starting grabbing little bitty kids,” the woman says.
The front of her home is pockmarked by shotgun pellets – but she says that was from the previous night’s drive-by.
The attacks are part of a two-year-old feud involving a nephew, now in police custody, she says.
She describes tonight’s attackers as in a green Chevrolet Caprice. Police search and soon find the vehicle – empty.
Not everything is as it seems, police will soon learn.

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