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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Anatomy of a KCK drive-by: 3

By Greg Reeves
North 27th Street, Kansas City, Kan., on patrol Friday night with PO Sandy Carrera (right):
A car drives past a home and fires bullets into the air. A teen in the home comes out and fires at the car, wounding an occupant.
People in the car, the teen believes, are the same ones who drove by the night before and fired into the house.
Is the boy a victim, a suspect, or both?
The youth, who had fled after shooting, returns to the scene and calmly approaches the police tape.
“I have the right to defend my home,” he tells officers.
At this point two things happen:

  • The boy is handcuffed and placed in a police car.
  • A live, late-breaking TV news crew, recently arrived on the scene,films this - just another young African-American goin’ down.

The boy’s mother doesn’t like this one bit. She lets loose a stream of curses at the TV crew.
She tells them her son’s a juvenile and warns them not to put him on the air. Several neighbors standing around share the sentiment.
I didn’t see what the TV station aired, if anything. So I’m in no position to criticize.
I do know that

  • Later, the boy was released from handcuffs and led police into woods behind his home in a search for the gun he acknowledged throwing there.
  • Police, at the end,  didn’t think anyone involved would press charges.

“These kids are going to end up J-1 (homicide victims/suspects),” an officer opines

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