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Monday, October 17, 2005

Arrowhead, Battle of Section 304: "I grabbed the guy and put him in a headlock"

Kcchiefs_helmetBy Greg Reeves
As we posted earlier (1, 2), five fans (out of 78,083) were arrested and two were ejected at the Chiefs-Washington game yesterday.
We're tracking these things at Chiefs games, home and away, this season.
Well, we heard from Brian, Chiefs fan in Section 304, about one of the incidents. Here's his account (taken from his Comment):

  • "No one in the area really knows why the two people started fighting. One was a Chiefs fan the other a Washington fan (I talked to him a couple of times during the game and he did not seem to be the type to start a fight). Everyone just figured that they were talking Smack to each other and it got out of hand.
  • Anyway it was a pretty big scrum between these two guys and they were both just flailing away without out much control of who they were hitting. I think a couple of people may have gotten hit with a unexpected punch. The friend I was with was trying to help break it up and the guy in the Redskins Jersey kicked him and knocked him over backwards down a couple of rows. At that point I grabbed the guy and put him in a head lock and held him down with the help of a couple of other guys. We held him until the police got there. The other guy in the Chiefs Jersey had a very large cut on his face (people said he was cut by his sun glasses) he was standing on the stairs with a couple of people holding him. There were several kids in the area and luckly they did not get caught up in it.
  • This happened in the Third quarter and incidentally was going on at the exact same time as the Chiefs held the Redskins to three and out with Jared Allen getting consecutive sacks on Second & Third Down. I was kidding with another Redskins fan during the fourth quarter on the final Redskins drive and asked him to start a fight because it would help the Chiefs. Everyone in the section got a pretty good laugh out of it."


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