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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Banned KS license plate: Comments


By Greg Reeves

Our posts yesterday about the Kansas driver with the custom-tag TIH20 drew these comments after the DMV told us they'd probably yank it:


Comment by Julia Shaw:

  • "The SUV was seen on Rainbow Blvd, that would be close to KU Med Center and its many bio-medical labs.  Did you know that TIH20 is a chemical formula.  Maybe you are reading (through your rearview mirror) something that is not there and the guy is innocent."

Thanks for pointing this out! Yes I Googled that first thing. But the DMV tends to ban any plate that can have a double-meaning. But, as they said, a good explanation of an allegedly offensive plate can let the driver keep it.

Comment by Earl:

  • Wow!!  What is this, elementary school?  Way to be a tattletale.  Don't you have anything better to do with your time than track down harmless license plates?

Yah, it kind of turned into Deputy Dawg after I called the DMV, didn't it? Something tells me this won't shatter TIH20's life, tho.


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