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Friday, October 28, 2005

Chiefs to wait/see on patdowns

Gordon_johnson_antipatdown_hs_teacher_1By Greg ReevesDynamite_bomb_md_wht_1
A high school civics teacher backed by the ACLU won a temporary injunction Thursday against patdowns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Raymond James stadium.
The NFL mandated patdowns of arriving fans league-wide this year as an anti-terrorism security measure.
Plaintiff and season ticket holder Gordon Johnston (above) argued the all-inclusive patdowns were unconstitutional, and the judge, saying he was bound by legal precedent, agreed. Wire story today (Word file)
Kansas City Chiefs PR man Bob Moore told me this morning the Chiefs will continue to follow the league policy - any word on change will have to come from the league. NFL PR guy Greg Aiello was at a funeral, I couldn't reach him.
Inaugural patdown at Arrowhead (at the Jets game) went veryx3 smooothly, Moore told me at the time.

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