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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why is $100,000 in your car trunk?

MosealMatt_blunt_at_deskBy Greg Reeves
Forfeiture - the government taking your stuff because they think you're a crook - topped the list in a 37-minute Crime Roundtable discussion headed by Gov. Matt Blunt at KC police headquarters this afternoon.
"I think we really identified some things we need to get into the details of," Blunt told reporters in a seven-minute press conference after the session.
U.S. Attorney Todd Graves led off the topic by saying state-federal forfeiture coordination is "broken". Because of gaps between the two systems, he said, sometimes "the bad guy gets to keep the money."
Background: Until about a decade ago, police agencies in Missouri were keeping revenue from seized assets. When state law eliminated that incentive, forfeiture all but died in the state.
"It's a dicey topic," said GOP State Sen. Chris Koster of Harrisonville, a former prosecutor, but "worth having an honest discussion" on how to fix the state forfeiture law.
Other topics: 1) Recent advances against methampetamine manufacture by making it harder to buy the ingredients 2) An even tougher law ahead in Missouri to lock down sex offenders.


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