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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tony's Kansas City: Favoritism reeks!

Tkcsm_1By Greg Reeves
In our recent read-through of 168 blogs at KCBloggers, we think Tony's Kansas City was linked to more than any other KC area blog.

That's a level of street cred we respect. Tony has now weighed in today on part of our discussion with City Councilman Troy Nash on the city's homicide rate.

We were so excited, we were going to parse his comment and respond sentence by sentence. But we read it closely, and it seems to boil down to this: Kansas City's a one-newspaper town, The Star's in bed with local politicians, won't criticize them and would be better off investigating them.

We'd be glad to go on forever about this, but we'd like to see what other readers of this blog are interested in first. Long-winded takes on the news biz can be...so long-winded.


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