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Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're official: Tony's Kansas City has discovered us!

TkcsmBy Greg Reeves
A newspaper trying to go online is like Lawrence Welk trying to dance at a rap concert, a famous Web pundit once said.

Example: We thought we could quietly develop this blog for a couple months without announcing it - you know, get the kinks out, make our mistakes early, etc. We'll start promoting ourselves online and in the paper on Sunday.

A month ago, however, 13 people commented on our post, "Top tattoos of Missouri prison inmates". Obviously, we'd been spidered.

And today we found a comment from tony@tonyskansascity.com. Tony runs a popular KC blog that usually treats The Star like a skin disease. Here's his welcome message to Crime Scene KC:

  • "You know, these councilman granting you exclusive access to their plan reeks of favoritism. This is no doubt a benefit of your company’s position in this “one newspaper town.” I’ve noticed little criticism of city officials regarding the murder rate coming from The Star. The politicos help you scoop the rest of the city and seemingly guarantee that you won’t raise your voice. Seems to me that The Star would be better off forgoing the precious “exclusive” and providing some insight into what KC politicians are doing wrong and how those mistakes are failing to properly address KC’s murder rate."

Correct, correct, correct and correct! We see no problem with this point of view, although we may see the particulars differently. We'll parse these comments, we hope today.

Link back: Tony was commenting on part of our conversation with City Councilman Troy Nash yesterday, about minorities and the police.


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