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Friday, November 11, 2005

Leawood hobby: Counting KC dead

By Greg Reeves
Surely you don't take part in an office gambling pool, which are illegal in many places. Others do, however, including some Leawood public works employees, who had a "Dead Pool" on the final 2005 KC homicide total.
This email came to Star Unfettered Letters yesterday:

  • "From: *******@********
  • Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 2:32 PM
  • To: letters@kcstar.com
  • Subject: (no subject)
  • Here's a good one. There were 12 public works employees who work for the City of Leawood. They decided to get a little pot together and who ever picked the correct number wins the pot. Well, the correct number is referring to the number of homicides in Kansas City, MO. All 12 are now on suspension. Most of them got one week. The pot holder received a two week suspension. A supervisor who new of the pot but did not participate received two weeks."

Star Leawood/OP reporter Henry C. Jackson checked it out and wrote a story with basically the same facts except Leawood city admin Scott Lambers told him the  # of employees was closer to 8 to 10.
Here's a useful overview from career site vault.com:

Other office-pool topics (found by CareerBuilder)

  • How many cigarettes the boss will smoke in a meeting
  • Who can knock over a cup of coffee with a golf putt from 45 feet away
  • How often a co-worker will show up late
  • How many times a co-worker will cry in a given period of time
  • Cockroach race
  • Who will become pregnant first
  • Who will lose the most weight

Thanks and a hat tip to Star reporter Henry C. Jackson! 816-234-7722 (work)


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