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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wanted: Missing ATM

  Cash_pile050530                                  Thieves were busy overnight in the Northland. First, they stole pickups from an auto shop. Then they smashed into four businesses, stealing one ATM and damaging another.
   Do you suppose they smiled at the surveillance camera that was taping them at one of the businesses?
   Stealing ATMs is nothing new. But often, the thieves find themselves in a heap of trouble. In February, a man who used a cutting torch to try and burn open an ATM in Kansas City ended up setting it on fire and causing an explosion.
   Another man "beat the tar" out of an ATM in KCK in 2004, police said, looking directly into the surveillance camera as he kicked the machine.
   But the dumbest theft was back in 1995. Elbert Hurd Jr., who had been released from a youth center 14 months earlier after doing time for killing four family members when he was a teen, stole an ATM from a Shawnee convenience store. Then he, his wife and a friend took sledgehammers to it to get the money out.
   The following month, Hurd's in-laws moved into the house where he had been living. And guess what they found? Pieces of the ATM.

Star story: ATM bandits smash 4 Northland locations


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