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Monday, January 30, 2006

Officer Ben Dougherty, KCPD

Kcpd_patch_16I rode with Kansas City police officer Ben Dougherty Saturday night in the North Patrol Division. It was a slow shift, but I'll report what happened in several posts today.

Random person protecting you on Kansas City streets:

  • Benjamin F. Dougherty III
  • Rides North Patrol, beat 421, third shift.
  • Oldest of six, father of six.
  • Worked in a grocery store and drove a bread truck for 15 years before becoming a cop six years ago at 36.
  • Likes his job but misses Central Patrol Division, where he started.
  • Doesn't drink, except for a glass of red wine (supposed to help prevent heart attacks).
  • Has a rank-and-file view of his job, i.e., doesn't always understand the brilliance of management decisions and policies.
  • Thinks chase rules are too tight, though he understands the risks.
  • Pulled over a young driver once who sped away, then crashed and was killed. Doesn't recall the date or name. He does say his in-car video "saved my butt" in the police inquiry, showing he followed procedure.


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