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Friday, January 20, 2006

Report: KC Safe City meeting

I don't have actual news out of the meeting this morning of the Kansas City Safe City Initiative. Several dozen cops, school principals, neighborhood officials and others met 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., and I dropped in only for about an hour. So these are just snapshots:

  • The city's Animal Control officers have formed "sweep teams" to combat dog packs - a more efficient use of resources than trying to find every stray dog, said AC manager Mike Schumacher.
  • Cops and school officials are dealing with 50 different languages in the Northland and a growing number of "transient" kids who move from school to school, KCPD Maj. Jan Zimmerman told the group.
  • For an urban school, serious problems at Woodland Elementary School, 711 Woodland Ave., are minimal, principal Craig Rupert said. Police have always been helpful, he said - but now he has names and cell-phone #s to go with the badges.
  • Troost School, 1215 E. 59th St., has battled sex offenders, vacant homes and properties, trash, and domestic violence affecting children, LINC before-and-after-school coordinator Calvin Davis said. "Children are our future, and, trust me, will act out what they see at home."

More schools presented progress reports. If you want to learn more, or get involved, call or email mayoral assistant Marcella Womack (816) 513-3525 safecitymarcella@yahoo.com


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