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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

County exec to lawmakers: Peace my brethren

From ye olde Jackson County:

(Kansas City, Missouri) – The County Executive issued the following statement today regarding the incident following yesterday’s meeting of the County Legislature:
“I believe the best way for all elected officials to proceed in this matter would be to participate in an orderly conflict resolution or mediation process, and I have offered to assist the members of the County Legislature in beginning such a process. Conflict resolution is a proven, valuable and positive process that is commonly used in all walks of life – from the corporate world, to non-profits, and in government. Legislators seem to be open to the idea, and we are having continued discussions about it. I remain hopeful.
Disagreements play an important role in any healthy democracy. All elected officials must find a way to serve the taxpayers interest by vigorously debating issues and policies, but always in a professional manner – to disagree without being disagreeable.”

Thank goodness.

P.S. Here's a picture of county legislator Robert Stringfield, who hasn't been charged with anything and is innocent until proven guilty. Thank you.



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