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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

35-pound cat scares off teen burglars

CatfatoncouchThree teens broke into a Greenwood home but fled with only a piggybank after they were scared off by "a thump and a shadow"  - of the homeowner's 35-pound cat, police in the eastern Jackson County community said.
"Three people went up to the house," said Greenwood PO Robert Leslie. "One kid acted as a lookout. The other two kids went ahead and broke the window out of the back door. They entered the premises, heard a thump and saw a shadow. They thought someone was in the house, so they grabbed a piggybank full of change and ran out."
Charges are expected against two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old, all of Greenwood. The trio stole purses and a $2,400 computer out of several cars, as well as committing another burglary, Leslie said.
"All the vehicles they got into were unlocked, and most had the keys in 'em," Leslie said. "It's like Mayberry. A lot of the victims even stated that. 'Well, we live in Greenwood, no crime ever happens here'."
Most of the stolen goods have been recovered, he said.

Really fat cat
Pet obesity problem

Graphic from Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital, Lawrence, KS
Thanks and a hat tip to Star reporter Kevin Hoffman!


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