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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pix of a St. Pat's Day arrest/TEC-DC9 pistol

(Click picture for larger image)

A young mother at the parade with her husband and year-old son took this photo and the two below.

"My husband's family has for years enjoyed the St Patrick's Day parade, but this year it was bad," she wrote. She saw police tackle and arrest a young man with "a gun I've only seen on TV."

"We will not be going back," she wrote.

Some thoughts:

  • As parade organizers and others have noted, hundreds of thousands of people attended this parade and had a good time.
  • The women looking on in shock are older adults. Older adults of any race might look just as shocked.
  • The young men grinning are teens or young adults at best. Males that age of any race might be as well, especially in a party atmosphere.

Readers of this crime blog, white and black, recently have noted our differences in 125+ comments on the St. Pat's parade. But perhaps they don't give themselves enough credit for conducting a multi-racial dialogue on a sensitive topic in largely civil terms, with even the occasional search for common ground.

(Click picture for larger image)


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