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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Black POs in Wichita sue

Wichita_police_patchBlack police officers in Wichita - not looking for a fat settlement - have alleged discrimination in a lawsuit:

  • Racist cartoons were posted in a squad room.
  • White officers got longer lunch breaks.
  • No white POs responded when a black PO asked for help against six thugs with brooms.
  • A black officer was required to provide proof of an appointment that kept her from attending a meeting although her white peers didn't have to.
  • Story

The suit, filed in federal court, seeks no monetary damages.

KC police say they're trying to up the percentage of minority officers, but here's the current breakdown:

Demographic breakdown of the Kansas City Police Department by gender, race, Hispanic status and rank (PDF)

In this recent post about a lawsuit by Denver Hispanic police officers, reader F asked for a breakdown of Kansas City, KS police officers.

Here's my experience asking for a demographic breakdown of officers:
Kansas City Police Department:

  • Me: Can I have a demographic breakdown of officers?
  • KCPD: I'm emailing it to you as we speak

Kansas City, Kan. Police Department:

  • Me: Can I have a demographic breakdown of officers?
  • KCKPD: Why do you want it? I assume it's public record. I don't know if we even track that. I'll have to check with Major Brown. Major Brown is on vacation, he'll address it next week.


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