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Friday, March 31, 2006

Chapter 1: KCTV-5 versus Indy PD

If KCTV-5 airs this show, I'm sure there'll be Chapter 2 and beyond. Star metro-front story today:

  • Kansas City media types were buzzing Thursday about an incident at Independence police headquarters involving a local TV crew and a national organization that investigates law enforcement abuse.
  • According to Independence police spokesman Tom Gentry, a man entered the station early Saturday and asked for a form to file a complaint against an officer. When the form was not issued, Gentry said, the man grew “more aggressive,” at one point bumping an officer and using offensive language.
  • Then, according to Gentry, the man rammed his head into a protective glass that separates police employees from the public, opening a wound.

The TV station was working with the Police Complaint Center, which sends decoys into police stations to ask for a complaint form, then lets "whatever happens happen", center director Diop Kamau, former cop and formerly Don Jackson, said. They have videos.

Lots more info on this in Star TV critic Aaron Barnhart's TV Barn blog. Also, Aaron links to a bulletin board about TV broadcasting (kctv tries to entice Indy police) with some discussion of the incident.

Update: An internal KCPD memo (cited by W!, below) warns department members and links to a Miami New Times story last week about how police agencies there handled it.

Update Saturday 4/1/06:
See comment by steelblues below: "I was there, actually booked the man. No, he was not black. And yes he was on tape in the lobby. When the tape eventually comes out, it will show that this person rammed his own head into the glass in the lobby of the police station."'
I've emailed steelblues - an actual witness, if the comment is genuine - asking for confirmation of his/her identity.


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