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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Year-to-date crime in KC at record low

Crime_scene_kc_data_16The number of serious crimes reported to Kansas City police in January and February was the lowest of any year since at least 1990, a study of police-supplied shows.
Serious crimes include homicide, rape, robbery, serious assault, burglary, larceny and auto theft. They are known collectively as Part 1 offenses.
Some caveats - Lower numbers for burglary and larceny are behind the drop; violent crime actually ticked up from last year. Also, two months do not a trend make, and January-February are always the lowest crime months.
But the number of February Part 1 offenses was so low (2,393, compared to the second-lowest, 2,525 in 2003) that I thought it noteworthy:

(Click image for clearer picture)


Here's a spreadsheet of the above numbers if someone wants to do further analysis.


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