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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

KC loan officer: Kansas City, bah!

Of the 170+ comments that landed on 1 stabbed in street brawl at The Point, none were as acerbic as two emails I got from David H., a loan officer at a prominent local mortgage firm:

  • 3:41 p.m.:
  • What do you expect from a place like the point, or any other dump in Missouri,  mid-town is a complete disgrace filled with trash, everyday something happens,
  • These sick fools that are out late at night should just be removed from the list.
  • 3:54 p.m.:
  • I reply thanking him for his email, with regards, etc.
  • 3:56 p.m.:
  • No problem,  I am dead serious, 
  • KCMO is a freaking wreck.,
  • All the way from downtown, past bannister mall.

So there, Kansas City. A mortgage loan officer - whose job it is to spread the joy of home ownership in our town - has spoken!

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