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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Meow: What to do about feral cats?

Feral_kitty_1When I rode with Kansas City Animal Control recently, we chased around a lot of dogs. Cats weren't even on our radar screen - there's no cat leash law.
And cats are a nuisance; wild dog packs can be a hazard.

But an April 22 story in The Star, Cats gone wild, exposed the feral cat problem in Kansas City:

  • People feed ownerless cats, who can gather in large numbers. The cats kill birds and can spread disease to pets.
  • Options: a) Kill them. We kill 20,000+ otherwise good pets in the area each year anyway. b) Trap, neuter and release them (TNR) c) Be responsible and don't let the cats get feral in the first place.

The story drew letters from vets, cat owners, rescuers and No More Homeless Pets.

One option not discussed is punishing people who feed these cat colonies:

  • CLERMONT, Iowa (AP) - The City Council decided last week that anyone who feeds the cuddly creatures is aiding a nuisance. Mayor Rodney Wagner says police could photograph people who feed stray cats and violators could be sent letters warning them of the consequences and be fined.


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Greg Reeves


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