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Friday, May 26, 2006

Missouri police rated on racial profiling

Missouri AG Jay Nixon has put online a massive report on racial profiling by police agencies in the state. You can look up how your department is doing, because police agencies are required by state law to submit traffic-stop reports by race:

  • Concerns by the citizens of Missouri and the Missouri legislature regarding allegations of racial profiling by law enforcement prompted the passage of state law Section 590.650, RSMo (2000), which was enacted Aug. 28, 2000. Racial profiling has been defined as the inappropriate use of race by law enforcement when making a decision to stop, search or arrest a motorist.

Missouri police prone to pulling over black drivers

JEFFERSON CITY — Black motorists in Missouri continue to be pulled over by police at a higher rate than white and Hispanic drivers, according to a report.
The annual report, an analysis of more than 1.5 million traffic stops, was released Thursday by Attorney General Jay Nixon. It shows black drivers were 46 percent more likely to be stopped than either white or Hispanic drivers in 2005. The disparity has widened since 2004, when blacks were 38 percent more likely than whites to be stopped.


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