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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cop busted for DUI now assistant chief

Edwardsville has rehired and promoted a former officer who'd been arrested for DUI, saying he'd learned from the experience. By this logic, why not hire and promote a burglar? A drug dealer? A killer who'd repented?

Edwardsville rehiring is an issue for police
Edwardsville has rehired as assistant police chief a former officer who had been charged with driving under the influence in a car on loan from the FBI.
Interim Chief Lloyd Beth said James W. Marble seemed to have learned from the past DUI charge.

Other Edwardsville city government happenings:

  • Allegations that some council members interfered with the processing of traffic tickets, including DUIs.
  • The city council’s recent retention of Municipal Court Judge Kent Docking, who entered a yearlong diversion agreement in Wyandotte County District Court in November after being charged with drunken driving.


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