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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Video: O.J. Simpson frolics with jugglers


Public opinion about the O.J. Simpson case is famously split. But that hasn't stopped people from buying him drinks and asking for his autograph as he travels, bon vivant-like, across the country.

A colleague of mine and her family ran into O.J. in Breckenridge, CO recently. Here's an 11-second video of O.J. with jugglers from the family:

Theory: He must be looking for the real killer of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman (Warning: crime scene photos).

The local paper in Colorado published a long love-feast about O.J., including shoe size:

  • O.J. chills in the mountains:
    • Not to say O.J. has bulked up, but he won't talk about his weight.
    • His mid-six-figure NFL pension can't be garnished.

Frontline (PBS 2-part special, viewable in full online)
O.J. Simpson: Facts and Fiction (Cambridge U. Press)


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