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Friday, June 30, 2006

Open thread Friday: Wrath of Brian B.

This is a good place to come for discussion of off-topic topics. It's also a good place to bring story ideas, especially with a link or hint where I can find it.

Today, an email last night from Brian B. of Kansas City:

  • Could you please explain what the purpose is in providing a forum for such cynical and hate-filled people. Not only do you let them spew their ignorance, you let them do it without attaching their names. Why would you provide such an opportunity?
  • I am positive that the level of discourse would dramatically improved if full names were required with all posts. But, I fear I know the answer-you want the vile and the ignorant to post because of some percieved enterainment value.
  • I know this blog recently won award, but for the life of me I can't imagine what the qualifications would've been. Do you really believe this blogs serves any public purpose. And isn't that what you are really responible for as a newspaper?

My response - feel the love

Postscript: My HUGE apologies to Brian B. for inadvertently including his last name in the salutation of my response. I've edited out the name. I bear no ill will to this critic, it was an oversight on my part. Thank you, readers, for calling me on this.

Greg Reeves


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