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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Women shoot pix of guys who hassle them

Look wrong at a woman in New York City, and she may whip out her cameraphone, snap your pic and post it on hollabacknyc with some choice words.

Reader kg yesterday pointed me to this site, which features stories by women who are leered at, whistled at, rubbed, brushed, patted, hugged or otherwise molested on the street or subway. Most accounts are accompanied by a (usually very fuzzy) photo of the alleged perps.

I couldn't stop reading it. The site has spawned imitators in cities here and abroad. Thoughts:

  • There's always been a population of idiot males who harass women on the street. This may be a good antidote. Thanks, World Wide Web.
  • If a guy steals a taxi from a woman and she, out of spite, posts his photo as a molester, what can he do? Or a woman posts her ex-boyfriend?
  • The first time a woman is hurt by someone she's shooting, this site will seem like a much less good idea.


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