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Monday, July 31, 2006

Open thread Monday: Back!

This is the place to come for discussion of off-topics topics. It's also a good place to bring crime-related story ideas, especially with a link or hint to where I can find it.

Today: Ah, vacation - all the fun the law would allow. Thanks to my colleague, cops reporter James Hart, for filling in. And thanks to everyone for visiting on what looked like a busy week on the blog (365 open-thread comments Friday?!)

Partial email catch-up/to-do list:

07/23: How does the KC media rationalize not reporting a  drive-by shooting in Westport on a Saturday night?

07/24: I'd heard Saturday that someone was arrested for stealing cars in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.  I work there.  We recently had a break in.  Do you know anything about this?

07/24: I thought you might find the information below regarding the recent blackouts in St. Louis and Queens useful.  Please contact me for any additional information.

07:24: Do you know the title of article that was to be in the Saturday paper on Ally Francis ? I can't seem to find anything on it other than your blog. By the way what ever happened to Tits Mc Gee??

07/25: Who was the 80th homicide in Sept. 2005 and why was he killed?

07/26: I was wondering why the website hasn't been updated more recently regarding potential check points and results?

07/28: I was writing to inquire about your posting the sobriety checkpoint info on the KC Star webpage.  I used to see that information on there, but have not seen it lately.  Have you/The Star changed your policy and don't post that anylonger, or did a bunch of people whine about it, and you don't post it anymore.

07/29: Around 10pm were about 6 or more police cars with all lights flashing parked in front of house on 93st  just east of Roe. I believe this was a drug house previously. Would like to know what happened since I live nearby.


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