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Monday, July 31, 2006

Child-sex predators' "insatiable appetite"

Sunflower_house_header Nytimes_reporter_kurt_eichenwald
Journalist warns of Internet predators
NY Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald found a teenager running a child-porn Website - of himself. His story helped put a cottage-industry of such sites out of business, the reporter says - but the teens have just moved to YouTube.

“People have to understand that we live in a new world,” Eichenwald said. “And in this new world, kids are in danger. You have a class of adults that virtually live online. They spend their days hunting for children and for children’s images. It seems to be an insatiable appetite.”

This has been on Oprah and Good Morning America.

Eichenwald will speak here Thursday in a benefit for child-abuse prevention center Sunflower House.


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