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Friday, August 25, 2006

12th Street: 'We killed people for telling'


This eight-minute video, posted on YouTube, features a group of gun-toting 12th Street Kansas City gangbangers flashing their dope, their weapons and their views of the world.

It's hard to watch, harder to listen to and not safe for work - lots of bad language. There's an occasional rap-music overlay, and a narrator who I take to be the film-maker, madjohann. This is by far his most popular video, viewed 4,309 times when I saw it yesterday.12thst1

There's a guy who shows his finger he says was shot off, and another who says he saw a killing as a child. Perhaps most attention-grabbing is a wobbly older guy who boasts about robbing banks 25 years ago, "like Robin Hood", so a) people wouldn't disrespect 12th Street and b) sons and daughters wouldn't have to be poor like he was.

He seems to lament that it's not as easy to kill snitches as it used to be.

"We killed people for telling," he says. "We killed people for taking a stand. Their momma, their daddy, everyone else got to go. Nowadays, people got things kind of f*ed up, somehow."


Update 8:40 a.m.: This is apparently part of a five-hour, 2005 double DVD, Hood 2 Hood, featuring similar segments for KCK and a couple dozen other cities, reader Mike P. tells me. Thanks!

Hat tip to reader ScooterJ!

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