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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chiefs-Rams: No fan arrests or ejections

None of the 74,741 fans at Arrowhead Stadium were arrested or ejected during the Chiefs 16-12 victory over the St. Louis Rams Saturday night, Kansas City police said.
"It worked out real well," Sgt. Rick Sticken, who heads police security at Arrowhead, told me. "The fans were in a real good mood. I think everybody's pumped up for the season."
Sticken said he also noticed a lot of families with children at the game.
"There were lots of kids and families there, which is a big plus," he said. "I saw dads with kids. Maybe that had something to do with it."
Fan arrests at Arrowhead last season ranged from one (Patriots game) to 10 (Eagles game), averaging five per game for the season. An average of 14 fans were arrested at other stadiums where the Chiefs played last season:


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