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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rapist's 15 minutes of fame ending

Fugitive ordered to Minnesota Michael_benson_2
A Jackson County judge cut off a convicted rapist's proclamations of innocence Wednesday and ordered him back to Minnesota, where he is serving time in a sex-offender program from which only one person has ever been released.
“No woman has ever pointed her finger at me and accused me of raping her,” Michael Benson said. But prosecutors used his statement that he raped about five others and “felt like a god” when he violated and humiliated women.
Benson escaped in April and stole a car. He said he ran out of gas in Kansas City while trying to get as far from Minnesota as possible. A church organist took in Benson, who passed himself off as homeless, found a job and planned to continue south after getting his paycheck.
Instead, he was captured after a waitress in a Gates’ Bar-B-Q restaurant recognized a beer-drinking customer as an escapee featured on America's Most Wanted.


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