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Friday, September 29, 2006

Open Thread ... Friday!

Welcome to Crime Scene KC's Open Thread, the place to post off-topic comments, chat with friends and, frankly, avoid your day job. We've had a busy, turbulent week and learned some important life lessons along the way ...

- If your girlfriend invites you to participate in a bizarre hotel-room ritual, make sure you're the one holding the knife.

- Never trust a dude named "Cheesy Rat".

- It doesn't matter how bad your 3-year-old sister wants to drink beer. Don't let that baby swig any more hooch! At some point, the po-po are bound to get involved.

- Boy, we miss Greg.

This is the last day of Greg's vacation-induced absence, so James Hart -- who relishes the chance to write in third person -- is signing off. Thanks again for your patience and assistance. In the words of the late Winston Churchill, "keep on trucking."


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