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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rookie cop charged with officer's death in DWI case

One of the big stories in New York this week has been the drunk-driving crash that killed one rookie NYPD officer and left another facing vehicular manslaughter charges. Danielle Baymack has pleaded not guilty, but is "very, very sorry" about the death of her friend, her mother said.

From the Daily News' story: "Danielle is not a demon like [the press] is making her out to be. She actually was a voice of reason among the rookies and would act as a designated driver if others drank too much," one officer said.

"I'm not minimizing at all what happened here. This is truly a tragedy for the Rivera family and the Police Department. But Danielle is not [an] uncaring, irresponsible, drunken party animal," said another officer.

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