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Monday, October 02, 2006

Chiefs-Niners: 9 arrests, 5 ejections

Nine persons were arrested and five were ejected at the Chiefs-Niners game Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City police said.
Supervising KCPD Sgt. Rick Sticken gave this breakdown of arrests:

  • 5 for disorderly conduct
  • 2 for assault
  • 1 for domestic violence assault
  • 1 for trespassing

The trespassing arrest came after a man was ejected, then tried to climb over a fence to get back into the stadium, Sticken said.
"He was given fair warning by the stadium people and a police officer, then when they walked him out he was trying to get back in," Sticken said. "So we had to arrest him for trespassing."



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