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Monday, October 30, 2006

Woman flashes men's room at Arrowhead

A young woman so drunk she could barely stand up walked into the men's room at  Arrowhead Stadium and exposed herself during the Chargers game last week, but no witnesses were willing to file a complaint, police said.
"Out of 45 men, who's going to complain about a blonde flashing herself?" said Sgt. Rick Sticken,  Kansas City police's top security man at the stadium. He said he just found out about the incident yesterday.
Another woman, also intoxicated, walked into the men's room during the Seahawks game yesterday, but only because the line to the women's room was so long, Sticken said. She was ejected when she refused to return to her seat and became belligerent, he said.

Update: reader BS Steve points us to another restroom incident at a Seattle Seahawks game.


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