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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Death, destruction, chess drug tests

An Indiana woman whose dogs killed her 87-year-old mom was sentenced to four years in prison for covering up the crime; her husband was, too.

A California minister is charged with killing an 85-year-old multimillionaire parishioner by crashing his pickup truck - twice - with the parishioner in it.

In Tampa, FL, authorities say a man killed three cats he considered nuisances. They found a propane torch and an animal cage with scorch marks.

Hat tip to reader blondie2hot7!

Arkansas music store shoplifter tries to walk out with guitar in pants.

Big trouble for a North Carolina pastor who waved a gun around during a sermon -- turns out he's got a drug conviction from 1990, and felons can't own guns.

And now, drug-testing at international chess competitions.

Hat tip to reader DB!


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