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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hispanic crime wave on the Plaza?

Reader openmind asked in the open thread Tuesday:

  • I live on the Plaza, and recently there has been a large number of rumors concerning “incidents” involving illegal immigrants. It seems like every week someone has a new horror story about a woman getting raped or a man getting stabbed, and every time its “a Hispanic illegal” that is the culprit. The funny thing is, I never see anything mentioned on the news or in the paper about the attack. Do you have any info on anything like this? Since I haven’t found any supporting stories, I just assume its fear mongering, but I still wanted to check with you.

Short answer -- I don't know; I get lots of crime data from Kansas City police, but no arrest data.  What I need to answer this question is arrests by race by address or police beat. I've put in a request for it In response to your query -- we'll see.


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