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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blondie's bogus Kansas DMV adventure

Reader and link-provider extraordinaire blondie2hot7 sent me this story about a California DMV worker who was selling licenses out of her apartment for up to $800.

Those kind of DMV favors happen in Kansas, too, Blondie told me. In August, she said, she went to the DMV in Kansas City, Kan., to renew her license, but forgot her glasses and could not read the chart.

She watched the clerk send away a young black man who failed the eye test, and was thinking of stepping out of line. But when she got to the test, the clerk started clicking the letters until they "looked like billboards", Blondie said, and she walked out with her license.

"She didn't click any buttons for him," Blondie said.

This isn't selling licenses out of an apartment, but Blondie, who hours earlier had won $1,600 at a casino, said maybe it was her lucky day. The whole story

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