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Monday, December 18, 2006

Chiefs-Chargers game: 43 fans arrested

Forty-three fans were arrested, 79 were ejected and 78 were issued misdemeanor citations during the Chiefs-Chargers game Sunday in San Diego.
One fan tried to run onto the field, two were cited for playing ball, and one was so drunk he had to be sent to the hospital instead of being arrested, police said. They said they didn't have any detail on exactly what the two guys were doing "playing ball".
Thirty-six arrests were for public drunkenness, one each for DUI, assault with intent to do great bodily injury, battery, domestic violence, and interfering with police during arrest.
The misdemeanor citations included theft, minors in possession of alcohol or drugs, urinating in public, and having glass bottles, which are banned.
Most of the ejections resulted from alcohol-related fighting, police said, but there were also ejections for violating a non-smoking rule.
These figures beat last year's game at San Diego, which were highest in the NFL except for Oakland.

Here are fan-ejection stats so far this season, with lots of holes where I was on vacation and missed the games. Those numbers are coming for Kansas City and I hope for other towns.



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