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Monday, February 19, 2007

Reader seeks KC assault reports

Email from reader, let's call him Maverick:

  • We are thinking about buying a home in the Kansas City area and in looking over your blogs I notice that there have been a couple of assaults at the neighboring house. I don't want to buy a house if there is a bullying kid next door or other situation.
  • Can I get a get a copy of these police incidents reports from the KC police department?  I know in some states that is possible, but I am uncertain about the KC area.

You certainly can get those reports. Copy down the "crn" column from the case you are referring to; that's the Case Report Number. Call the police administrative office at 816-234-5000 and ask the easiest way to get a copy of the report by that number.

As far as moving to the Kansas City area, readers of this blog are always helpful in offering advice. You may find some useful tips in the comments on a recent post, Nazarene student: What about KC crime?


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