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Thursday, April 26, 2007

8 days of Kansas City crime

Crime_scene_kc_data__2 These files are daily compilations, lists of all calls to Kansas City police that resulted in a case report. Files are ordered by street and house number, and cover Sunday, April 8 through Sunday, April 15. Key: CRN is case report number; PONUM is police officer number. REPORTAREA is the police beat. ADDRTYPE is A for address or I for intersection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you've probably noticed, these aren't the complete files. KCPD is switching to a new record-managment system, and we're having a computer glitch. We're trying to get this corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Download kccrime20070422.xl

Download kccrime20070421.xls

Download kccrime20070420.xls

Download kccrime20070419.xls

Download kccrime20070418.xls

Download kccrime20070417.xls

Download kccrime20070416.xls

Download kccrime20070415.xls


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