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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ward Parkway shooting follow-up

Updates from the press conference: Shooter is a former employee at the Target store who'd been turned down for a private security license. Police say he had a plan to cause havoc at the store.

Chief Corwin gives credit to the officers who responded, including the one who was shot at the gas station on Bannister Road, for helping stop the violence before it got worse. The injured officer actually returned fire using the same arm where he was hit.

ID of Victims: Leslie N. Ballew, 33, of Kansas City and Luke A. Nilges, 30, of Shawnee were parked on either side of the shooter's car at Ward Parkway. Patricia Reed, 67, was his neighbor. More info here, with updates to come.

The bomb squad was called to the shooter's house after finding what appears to be an explosive device.

Tony's Kansas City weighs in. A small clip from his post this morning:

But yet again, the question remains the same: Do you have a right to feel safe in a world/city filled with so much suffering? Your mileage may vary but I've already made note of the many murders in this town that went overlooked because they didn't hit the white community where they live.

And always, always it strikes me as funny that so many Plaza protesters carry signs for peace and/or justice (ugh) when that concept doesn't really exist merely a few blocks to the East no matter what the outcome of the hopeless cause they're fighting for on the other side of the planet.

3 people dead in a mall shooting won't come close to the inevitable death toll this City will rack up when it comes to young, Black males this summer but that issue didn't even merit more than passing mention during the last mayoral election . . . Truly, more people were interested in potholes or TIFs (especially most of the worthless local political bloggers) rather than anything having to do with what is tantamount to a yearly killing spree in Kansas City.


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