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Friday, June 29, 2007

Crimefighting sisters give ID thieves what-for


I want so badly for this to be turned into a TV show ... Two sisters tracked down the identity thieves who stole the younger one's purse from a Michigan swimming pool, the Macomb Daily reports.

While she was canceling her cards, she learned the thieves had charged about $800 at a local CVS, most of it on makeup. (Sidebar: What the hell, CVS?) The sisters got there too late, but they convinced the manager to show them the security tape.

Meanwhile, one of the sister's friends works at a bank and phoned them a tip about someone trying to access little sister's accounts. The friend was forbidden from saying which branch, but the women quickly deduced there was only one open: the bank at the local Kroger.

They got there just in time to capture the thieves, who tried to run off, only the sisters held them down until police arrived. Did I mention the suspects were still wearing their bikinis?


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