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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stay Safe: Ask an expert about personal safety


There's still time to ask Capt. Chelly Pfeifer of KCPD a question about personal safety. Either email me at jhart@kcstar.com or write a question in the thread below. The captain's responses will be posted here.

Thanks again to the captain for taking time to help us this week! Also, The Star has assembled several videos and articles about personal safety, which can be seen here.

UPDATED: Suzanne asks: I was just wondering if there are going to be any safety classes available any time coming up in the KCK area ... I would like to bring my 17-year-old daughter as well.  Do you know where I can buy some mace at?

Capt. Pfeifer responds:

Hi, Suzanne-

We teach all the time, all over the region. If you have a group of ladies (at least 10) we can come to you, at a neighborhood clubhouse or the like. Or watch our website, www.kcpd.org, for future class dates, times and locations. The Ali Kemp Foundation also teaches classes, so check with them as well.

Swimming is a great exercise to build your strength, good luck with that. You don’t need to be strong with our class techniques, as we teach those physically challenged as well. You use what you can with our classes, some of which includes preplanning and common-sense techniques.

Many places such as Cabela’s sell mace/pepper spray, or law enforcement supply companies. I have a supplier as well who will offer my class members an opportunity to buy keychain pepper spray. Good luck.


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