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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Police announce Party Cove crackdown

Picpartycove2 And, they warn, the names of anyone arrested for sexual misconduct out there could be released to the media. (Not that the names aren't public anyway, it's just that normally they aren't the subject of widespread media releases complete with gory details.)

In his article in todays paper, Tony Rizzo writes: "The Missouri Water Patrol announced Monday, the day after The Kansas City Star chronicled some of the cove’s debauchery, that it will crack down on sexual misconduct and illegal drug use at the lake." In the crimefighting kit: undercover officers and surveillance.

Under Missouri law, sexual misconduct ranges from indecent exposure to engaging in sexual activity in a public place or touching someone in a sexual manner while someone else is present, Tony writes.

Not sure what this means for the whipped-cream bikini contests everyone's been talking about.


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