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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elephant being weaned off heroin

Picelephant In case you were afraid I wouldn't post any animal stories today...

This one comes from China, where forest police rescued an unfortunate bull elephant named Big Brother, who once "lived peacefully with his herd near the China-Burma border."

That is until he was captured by evil traders, who fed him heroin-laced bananas so they could control him into leading the herd wherever they wanted it to go.

By the time he was rescued, "Big Brother had developed a raging heroin addiction and posed a danger to people if denied his fix," the story says. The "drooling and twitching" animal was transported to a special park, where workers spent nearly a year weaning him off his addiction through methadone, regular bathing and massage.

Big Brother is now "clean" and will be released from rehab soon.

Photo is of random elephant, not Big Brother.

| Sara Shepherd

Hat tip: Good one, You're a Mean Drunk R2D2!


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