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Friday, August 03, 2007

KCPD won't enforce new panhandling law


From The Star: The Kansas City Police Department won’t enforce the city’s three-month-old panhandling law, because, it contends, it violates the Constitution.

The law, passed in April by the departing City Council, establishes new regulations for street artists and panhandlers. It is aimed at reducing what one supporter called “visual blight” in tourist areas like the Country Club Plaza and downtown.

But after meeting with legal staff, the department has decided — without telling the council — that the law won’t pass a legal test.

And Tony's Kansas City weighs in here:

Anyway, this bit of news IS IMPORTANT given that - IF Kansas City can't get rid of "undesirables" like the panhandlers (and minorities - whew!! Close one there) THEN that means that places like the upcoming (delayed) Electric Avenue and other downtown developments will have to endure folks who might be frightening to suburban shoppers and upscale condo dwellers.


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